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Title: Slimy
Author: Jadeile
Warnings: None
World: Justice League (Unlimited)
Summary: A drabble about Batman assigning Flash with an unpleasant enemy, and how he deals with that.

“Hawkgirl, you take the purple creatures. Plastic Man, you handle the yellow ones. Flash, the red ones. I'll take the greens”, Batman commanded from their vantage point, sweeping his hand in the general direction of each group of little mutant creatures that were their enemy of the day.


Flash made a face and shuddered, thoroughly disgusted by his assignment. “Aww, man! Why must I take the slimy ones? I always get the slimies and it's so gross! Can't anyone swap?”


He looked from Hawkgirl to Plastic Man pleadingly, but received an eyeroll from the former and a smirk of pure schadenfreude from the latter.


“Suck it up, Flash. Good luck”, Hawkgirl said and took flight, heading towards her assigned group of critters. Plastic Man stayed long enough to salute briefly before slinking away, off to do his share of the work. Flash was sure he heard a snicker too.


So not his day.


“It's like Batman's picking on me on purpose”, he muttered and stared glumly at the creepy crawly slimy red mutants he would soon have to lay his hands on. With his luck, he’d probably end up being ambushed and covered in their oozy nastiness from head to toe. They probably smelled too. And stained. Maybe exploded too, to top it off.


“Batman is right behind you”, he heard and jumped, then turned around to find the Dark Knight, indeed, right behind him, staring at him. Flash gave him an awkward grin and rubbed the back of his neck self-consciously. This kept getting better and better.


“Oh, I thought you... well, I didn't mean--”


“Take the green ones.”




Batman fired his grappling hook and was off towards the red slimy creatures before Flash could quite comprehend what happened. But when he finally did, he let out an incredulous laugh and shook his head, before finally launching into action. Action that didn't involve fighting slimy creatures and getting covered in nastiness.


It was like Batman was favouring him instead of picking on him. He could live with that.


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