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Not sure what brought this subject into my head just now, but here's the story of how Jadeile got converted into a BatFlasher back in... 2008 or so.

I actually joined the Justice League fandom through Batman. I got into Batman when The Dark Knight movie rolled out, and of course it escalated from there into me buying a bunch of comics, watching BTAS, watching the older movies, and being head over heels for the Joker and Batman (both separately and together) in all of it. Eventually I decided to branch out into the Justice League cartoon, just because of the episodes with the Joker in it. The cartoon was excellent, so I watched more of it and then noticed that the Flash is made of awesome.

Naturally, after I fell in love with Wally, I wanted to ship him with someone. The cartoon didn't give me any canon ship to go with (not that I often go for those anyway, because I find established relationships boring in the long run), and looking at the wiki about his comic relationships didn't really do it for me either (I mean, I'm fine with Linda but I feel zero need to ship them), so I needed to do some digging.

First I went for Green Lantern/John Stewart. They're BFFs in the series, and that's one of my favourite kinds of ship material. However, the fanfic pool was very limited and didn't actually manage to catch my interest after all. I still semi-ship it a bit tho.

Then I went for Nightwing/Dick Grayson, cos comics say that they're besties. It was more promising, but to my disappointment I found that most people ship them as Kid Flash and Robin, and I wanted the adult versions. I mean, I watch a bunch of cartoons and anime, and most often the main characters are kids, so I get the slightly uncomfortable (ever since I grew into an adult myself) kid ships all the time elsewhere. Nope, if I can canonically get the adult versions, then I damn well want those and not some puppy-love. So, while I actually do ship that a bit, it never became an OTP because of the wrong flavour I kept getting.

Then I got a bit desperate. Surely there was some ship out there that would work perfectly, I just needed to find it the hard way, apparently. So I decided to widen my scope and check out any ships fanfics chose to offer me! "Okay, ficcers! Sell me your ship, I'm open to anything!"

Wally/Shayera... nope, too sibling-like. And Shayera's Only True Love is obvs John, so there.

Wally/Diana... nah, I don't see Di giving Wally the time of the day. Also, at the time I didn't appreciate her nearly enough, so I had no interest in reading anything with her in it.

Wally/J'onn... I actually kinda bought it with one fic. I can ship that, but it just wasn't quite what I wanted, and it's super rare so I would have just doomed myself with it.

Wally/Supes... nope, nope. I just can't get over my dislike for Superman to ship this, although I did actually give it an honest try. Just... ugh, I can't make myself read Superman fanfics. I can tolerate him when he is around, but I'm not willing to go out of my way to read about him specifically.

Wally/Trickster/Boomerang/Pied Piper/other Flash rogue... sorry, I just don't know the characters well enough to do this. I like shipping heroes with villains (*coughBatjokescough*), but that requires me to know both characters. The cartoon didn't really give me good enough of an introduction to any of them, and the comics were (and still are) hard to come by here, so... *shrug* 

Then, Batman swooped in and suddenly everything was perfect! Why hadn't I thought of that in the first place, I mean, I came here from Batman fandom and everything! I love Batman and I love the Flash, so why wouldn't I love them together?? ...actually, that's not how it works, but this time it did. And after the fanfics sold the ship for me, I started seeing it in the episodes too without any problem. Only a Dream? Ooh, what would Bats think of Flash's nightmare? : D Flash and Substance? Holy BatFlash material, Batman! A Better World? Everyone knows that's the ultimate shipisode for this!

So yeah, that's basically it. Been my OTP ever since, and I tend to get the hype for it back up every year when 11th of February rolls in, and then at random times too. This seems to be one of the ships that are here to stay with me.

So, what's your story?
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