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Title: Fridge
Author: Jadeile
Warnings: None
World: Justice League (Unlimited)
Summary: A drabble where Flash gets hungry while dealing with a villain in Gotham City.

Okay, so he did not expect to end up in Gotham. If he had known the villain could teleport, and wasn't even the kind to do the “hah, you can't catch me while I teleport all around this one room while being predictable in my moves” routine, he would have reconsidered his line of actions.


For one, he would have considered calling backup. Secondly, he would have tried to force the guy into teleporting around one area instead of choosing one direction and going that way forever. Thirdly... he would have grabbed snacks somewhere. Or money. Anything that would have ensured he was kept properly energized after finally catching up to the guy and subduing him.


He called the police to pick the villain up – probably gonna end up in Arkham – and then realized that he had no way to obtain the much needed food in this city.


In Central City he had tabs in some of his favourite food joints, and even got free meals at others, so he didn't have to worry about having money on him at all times. He sometimes carried a bunch of notes in his left boot but he often forgot to replace the spent money, so he didn't always have any. Such was the case right then. He was in a strange and generally kind of hostile city, had no money, and was basically this close to starving to death because of his metabolism. And by “starving to death” he meant “couldn't even run all that fast during the last moments of the battle, much less make it back to home in this condition”.


Life really knew how to pull up the maximum amounts of suck sometimes.


He slumped against the phone booth and held his painfully empty stomach, trying to muster up enough energy again to come up with a plan. He knew he wasn't very good at thinking when he was tired and hungry, but surely he could come up with something. Something, something... no money, too good to rob that store even if he would pay back later, can't phone-order a pizza without money, not that he knew the number of any of the local pizza places, damned Gotham City –


Wait. Gotham. Didn't someone live in Gotham? That's right! Batman lived in Gotham and Flash knew where he lived!


With a new-found burst of hopeful energy, Flash got up and began the relatively slow and unsteady run towards the Wayne Manor.




“Master Wayne? I apologise for interrupting your work, but you have a visitor. In your kitchen.”


Bruce looked up from his papers, a confused frown on his face.


“You don't usually let guests into the kitchen”, he said, eyes searching Alfred's face for some kind of clue.


“I would call this an extraordinary circumstance, sir. Now if you'll excuse me, I believe I have grocery shopping to do. Copious amounts of it.”


That left more questions than answers, but Bruce rather suspected Alfred did that on purpose to get him curious enough to tend to the guest. With one last glance at his work, he got up and made his way to the kitchen.


“Oh! Hey Bats! Umm, I hope you're not here because you're hungry, cos I don't think there's anything left in the fridge. Or the cupboard. Or anywhere really. Err, would you like to share this sugar?”


Bruce – or Batman really – figured there would be a very good explanation for this, and he'd get to hear it soon. But he would be damned if he could figure it out on his own, right that moment.


All he knew was that he owed Green Lantern ten bucks for predicting this happening sooner or later.

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