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batflash: A comic book panel of Batman and Flash dancing wildly (Dancing)

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Name:We ship Batman and Flash, and nobody can stop us
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Community description:BatFlash is a community that is dedicated to pairing together Batman and Flash.
Hello, friend!
Welcome to BatFlash, as in a community that is dedicated to pairing together Batman and Flash. Now, the admin's preference is Bruce Wayne/Wally West, but you're free to go for any Batman and any Flash you like.

Feel absolutely free to post any of your Batflash content here, be it fanfiction, podfic, recs, videos, art, playlists, icons, pictures of your merch, discussions... anything at all. However, if you post someone else's stuff (ex. an awesome piece of fanart), please ask them for permission, and link back to the original.

Hopefully more people will join one day, and we'll have a thriving community!

In case you want one (not mandatory), here's a header kind of thing for posting fanfics:
Title: (fic's name here)
Author: (your name here)
Warnings: (if there are any)
World: (which cartoon, TV-series, comic, etc. is the thing happening in?)
Summary: (what your fic is about)
Remember to put the actual fic behind a cut to save space:) Remember to use tags accordingly.

One last thing: Flash Appreciation Day is on 11th of February. If you celebrate it in any way, make a post about it, please and thank you <3

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