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I figured I'd make an example post of Flash Appreciation Day, to maybe inspire more people into doing it.

So, on the year 2009 it was decided that the fans would celebrate Flash Appreciation Day on 11th of February, as the episode of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon with said celebration was originally aired that day. Some people ran with it, myself included. Personally, I've faithfully done it ever since and don't see any reason to stop. Oh, fun fact: my family doesn't really care about the Flash one way or another, but all of them remember Flash Appreciation Day because each year they get to eat yummy things because of it!

I'm combining my years of celebrating into this post, mostly copied from the LJ community I originally posted the stuff to.

I made a Flash Cake! Yummy marzipan~
A red marzipan cake with Flash's logo on top.

I sadly don't have pictures of years 2010-2013, although I did actually celebrate each year faithfully by wearing my official FAD suit (that is, red t-shirt [until I made my own Flash one], red velvet trousers, red hoodie and yellow scarf thingy), baking something, and having my Flash plushies/figures showcased on the tea table. But I either didn't take pictures then or I just didn't save them anywhere.

I made meringue, both Flash logos and some random roses.
Meringues. Yellow Flash logo ones, and pink roses.

I finally made myself a fitting shirt to go with my FAD suit. I think I also made cupcakes this year, though just regular boring ones instead of properly Flash-themed.
A woman wearing a spaghetti string t-shirt with Flash logo

Painted my nails all awesome! I mean, I had done so before the previous year too, but then I only made lighting bolts without the circle, and I can't find the picture of them anymore. But who cares, these ones are way more cool! : D Also, I think I made cake this year, but the picture is lost.
Nailpolish, red base with yellow Flash logos on top.

Raspberry-white chocolate cupcakes! Please note the awesome white chocolate logos on top. Also, my grumpy Flash plushie~ <3
Yummy looking cupcakes and a grumpy looking Flash plushie.

And that's that, folks! With any luck, next year I'll also make a post about my celebration here, and maybe someone else, somewhere, will do the same :)
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