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Title: Slimy 2
Author: Jadeile
Warnings: None
World: Justice League (Unlimited)
Summary: A drabble about Flash dealing with the aftermath of the previous part of this fic.

Flash watched Batman jerkily wipe off the worst of the slime covering him from pointy ear tips to toe. He had been right with his hunch about the red slimy thingies: they ambushed, they smelled, and they exploded. They would probably stain too.


He was so glad it wasn't him trying to get that disgusting stuff off him; but at the same time he felt a bit guilty as he watched Batman discard his drenched cape as a lost cause. The ears of his cowl looked like someone had blown their nose on them repeatedly, some of the snot doing this slow yo-yo effect when Batman moved his head around. It was really super nasty.


He owed the guy big time.


Flash took a few seconds to run to his apartment and back, then approached Batman with an old raggy towel in his arms. It had a faded picture of Buzz Lightyear on it, but Wally felt like he could finally part with it for the greater good.


“Here, this might help”, he said and held out the towel, “I think I'll put some plastic bags over the seats of your plane too, cos I really doubt you want that stuff on the leather upholstery.”


Batman looked at him with much the same expression he had had earlier, when he had swapped targets with him. Then he took the towel and wiped his face with it.


“Thank you”, he said, and proceeded to use the towel to get at least the slow dripping to stop.


“No problem. As a matter of fact, it should be me thanking you. I could be in your place right now and I'm very glad not to be”, Flash said with a grin, then chuckled, “I'd hug you as a thanks if you weren't... you know, kinda very gross right now. Though I suppose you might not appreciate it all that much anyway. I mean, you're not that big on hugs from what I've gathered.”


He was just rambling now, wasn't he? But what could he say, he was just honestly so glad to not be covered in the epitome of gross right then.


“Save it for later.”


Flash blinked and looked at Batman in confusion. He had a funny expression that Flash couldn't even begin to read, as much as one could read Batman on the best days.


“Talking too much?” Flash guessed, unable to draw any other conclusion from the statement.


“The hug. I expect to receive it later”, Batman corrected, deadpan. He was toweling his boots like he hadn't just broken the universe and tossed Flash into some kind of alternate reality; the kind where Batman wanted Flash to hug him and was perfectly casual about it too.


Flash had no choice but to play casual too, so that maybe the universe wouldn't un-break back into normal.


“Yeah. Sure. Of course. Er, right. You know what, I think I'll go arrange those plastic bags now so that you can get in your plane and with it to the tower to clean up and... there can be hug times. Um. See you in a bit!”


If there was an extra skip in Flash's steps, it was purely because of the fact that he wasn't covered in slime. And not at all because of future hugs. Right.

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