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Title: Slip
Author: Jadeile
Warnings: None
World: Justice League (Unlimited)
Summary: A drabble about Flash doing a psychology survey of the Original Seven. Or at least he puts it like that.

Flash scribbled on the notepad he was holding, a satisfied grin on his face. His silly little survey was almost done, and he thought the answers reflected the personalities of his fellow heroes so accurately he felt like a therapist or some other psychology person.

He had overheard a part of a conversation during his lunch break at his non-hero work about how people could have vastly different associations over the simplest of words; how said associations could tell a lot about the person. It had sounded like a fun and interesting thing to test out, so he had picked a word and gone around asking the original seven their thoughts on it.

“A slip of tongue”, GL had answered, and regretted it as soon as Flash had started ribbing him about the possible double entendre.

“Hmm... a slip of paper”, had been Superman's answer, and he had seemed rather amused by it himself.

Shayera's answer had been slightly unsettling; or rather, the grin that went with it. “Slipping my mace out of its strap.”

“To slip away, out of sight”, J'onn had said, after thinking about it longer than he was probably supposed to.

Diana had simply said “A mistake” and left it at that.

Flash himself was thinking along the lines of slipping on a banana peel or a wet spot on the floor, possibly because of the cartoons he liked to watch or because he had done both himself.

The last one left was Batman.

For the longest time, the Dark Knight was silent and kept typing away at his keyboard, either ignoring Flash or just mulling it over. Definitely for far longer than necessary for such a simple question. It was possible he wouldn't even bother answering, but Flash had the time to wait and see.

He picked up Batman's almost untouched coffee mug idly, figuring the beverage was going to go cold with Batman ignoring it just as much as him. He was just about to bring it to his lips when Batman finally turned to look at him, and the intensity of his stare made Flash pause mid-motion. Batman's face was absolutely blank.

“... to slip something into someone's drink when they're not paying attention.”

Flash stared at him for a moment, then his eyes moved to the mug that was almost touching his lips.

He put it down hastily.

“Yeah, I think you should keep this.”

He swore to never accept a drink of any kind from Bats from then on, but at least he had his answer.


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