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Title: Flaky
Author: Jadeile
Warnings: None
World: Justice League (Unlimited)
Summary: A drabble about Flash bringing pastries to the Watchtower to see if Batman might eat one.

Usually, Flash didn't bring any pastries or cookies to the watchtower with the intention of sharing them with the others. It wasn’t because he was stingy or didn’t like sharing; it was just that he tended to accidentally eat them himself by habit, either on the way there or when he attempted to put them on display. One moment he was carrying the yummies, the next he only had an empty box and could taste the offerings in his mouth. Twice he had managed to get them all the way into the kitchen and had even gotten a platter out, but the moment his hand had dug a pastry out of the bag had also been the moment he had stuffed it in his mouth. Repeatedly, until there wasn't any left.

For a while he had plain given up, figuring it wasn't mandatory anyway. He had just concentrated on not eating everything the others brought by himself. It was the least, and probably also the most, he could do.

That is, until he noticed something.

Batman was often the one bringing in the goodies for others (nobody quite dared to ask about that, no matter how curious they collectively were), but he almost never partook in them himself. Almost never, but it had happened twice. One time it had been a croissant, courtesy of GL. The other time it had been a danish, the kind with custard and light sugar frosting, brought by Superman.

Both puff pastries.

So Flash had taken it upon himself to research puff pastries and bring some to the watchtower, for the sole purpose of seeing whether or not Batman would take one. Curiousity, he supposed.

It had taken a while to accomplish the part where he didn't eat them himself, but now he had a platter of palmiers, the Puerto Rican honey-topped kind, waiting near the coffee pot while he himself hung out by the fridge, expectantly.

He knew Batman was in the watchtower – had been there for a few hours already – and should be about ready for a cup of coffee. In fact, he had zoomed by the monitor room a few times to check within the last half an hour, just to be sure, and had even seen the almost frozen moment of Batman getting up from his chair, most likely to go and fetch himself a drink. Hence why Flash was waiting around the kitchen, trying to look innocent.

He waited with a baited breath until he could hear the soft sound of a cape fluttering, freakily noisier than the Bat's footsteps. And this was Batman not even trying to be sneaky. This being his cue, Flash opened the fridge and started to casually assemble himself a bunch of sandwiches, being deliberately slow about it so that he wouldn't finish his task before Bats.

Flash gave a cheerful greeting and received a grunt in return, then they both fell silent and focused on their own tasks. Flash tried not to look at Batman so as to not arouse too much suspicion; he heard a cup of coffee being poured, a cape fluttering, and then... a pause. A small crunchy crumbly kind of sound. Fluttering again and Flash risked a glance.

Batman was holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a palmier on the other while walking out of the kitchen.

Flash waited a full ten seconds before giving a quiet cheer and performing a small victory dance.

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